Our partners are developing their skills in litigation day by day, as a distinctive strength of TP Law Firm. We have deep experience in practice litigation and therefore we understand thoroughly about how cases get solved by judicial bodies or other organizations having jurisdiction.

In Vietnam, the litigations are not simple at all, even in situation that parties have full argument and distinct legal principles. Therefore, while taking part in litigation at court or arbitration for their clients, the lawyers must understand thoroughly about the case which they take part in, as well as correlative legal principles, rule of the judicial bodies operation – jurisdiction, judges – arbitrators participating in solving and also the smallest elements of each case. That is also the must-have condition of barristers at TP Law Firm.

We support our clients in every stage of the case, matter, at court and also pre-court procedure. Our litigation activities are carried out in all regions and all legal areas, such as: Crime, Civil, Administration, Business, Commerce.

Choosing the right lawyers for your situation is an important part and may determine the success of that legal situation. Contact us and work with our partners to get complete advices on your case, as well as the solutions and plans of litigation before the court or judicial bodies accept the case.